Executive C – Level Round Table

The data required for decision making may be present in multiple applications which delays decision making. Often employees in many organizations spend a lot of time accessing multiple applications and responding to both internal and external request through multiple channels. Organizations deploy application specific reports and enterprise BI applications to provide insights on the data. Still organizations face challenges due to lack of adoption, technological barrier, time to skill, restricted access to data and multiple other challenges.
    Are you Looking for how to:
  • Put technology easily in your daily operations
  • Achieve the powerful efficiency
  • Bring an answer to the anticipations of the un-knowns
  • Bring personalized innovation to each and every individual in your enterprise
  • Owning a tool for a competitive advancement in your business
  • Empower the decision makers with the power of AI
  • Democratize trusted, secured and governed data across all users in the organization

Join technology and innovation leaders from MAGNOOS and industry leaders from different sectors at this executive round table to witness the new ERA of a NO-CLICK ANALYTICS, AUTOMATION & INTELLIGENCE platform, a full robust, integrated, secured super charged, simply visualized MAGDIA® Platform.

Benefits of Attending

How MAGDIA helps everyone who uses any web application, any Office application and mobile phone to answer all business-related questions with AI-infused answers at their fingertips, without having the need to switch to different screens and other BI applications.

How to democratize access to trusted, secured and governed data across the organization thereby helping employees make data-based decisions.

Ability to maximize ROI on Digital Transformation investments

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16th march 2023

Arrival and Networking 

Opening Note by Digiconnect 

MAGDIA Use Cases for Procurement, Finance, HR and Customer Success 

Panel Discussion 

by Mohamed Sabah Al Khalaf- Group CISO, Dubai Holding

by Siddhaarth Iyer- Head of Digital, GiG Gulf

by Sayed Habib- General Manager of Business Transformation and Ecommerce, Danube Homes

by Talal AlAboudi- Manager - Talent, Culture & Employee, Expérience, ENOC

Interactive Q&A 

Executive Networking Lunch 

Our Speakers

who is speaking?

Sayed Habib
Talal AlAboudi

Who will Attend?

about MAgnoos

MAGNOOS is a leading regional company delivering innovation-led strategy, technology, and business solutions and consulting services. Magnoos started its operations in 2012 focused on the Data Management & Analytics, Service Management and Automation technology Industries, with headquartered operations in the UAE headquartered and remote offices in Saudi Arabia as well as offshore teams in India, Egypt, and Pakistan, to cover the full operations spectrum the Middle East and Africa region.

MAGNOOS helps global companies ranging from large private Enterprises to Public & Governmental organization, to run their mission-critical systems and operations while modernizing IT, optimizing data architectures, and ensuring security and scalability across public, private and hybrid clouds. With that in place, MAGNOOS Experts helped and continue to support our business partners to implement state-of-the-art Technologies, adopt best business practices that help them conceive innovative business ideas and incorporate them into corporate strategies.

A 100+ Long experienced technology and domain experts, industry certified professionals, represents MAGNOOS consolidated knowledge of delivering and deploying excellence to our customers and driving new levels of performance, competitiveness, and customer experience across the region. Success Stories continues to include our business partners in Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Telecoms, Retail, Energy, Transportation, Utilities and Government sectors.

MAGNOOS Services’ offering range and span to be End to End starting from the business/technology consultancy to the Managed Services and Staff Augmentation to enable organizational transformation and technological adoption services. Recognized as a regional leading player of the world’s leading Data Management & Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Digital Service Management, Digital Business Automation and Robotic Process Automation Technology Vendors and Partners, We @Magnoos believe we can agnostically advise our customers to select and implement the right solutions for their specific business requirements and industry best practices to meet their business objectives.

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